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Union and Other Elections

The Electoral Commissioner receives frequent requests from within the non-parliamentary sector to provide electoral advice and to conduct elections for a range of organisations and clients. Elections are conducted under the Industrial Relations Act 1979 and other non-parliamentary elections under the Electoral Act 1907. These elections are conducted using either the postal voting method or as 'voting in person' elections.

The Electoral Commissioner ensures the elections are conducted in a timely manner with impartiality, independence and efficiency. The administration of these elections is constantly reviewed and streamlined using database technology and project planning techniques.

Election Rules

The Commission encourages organisations to be more comprehensive in detailing their election rules. A booklet of standard rules has been developed for use by organisations that request information on election rules. The rules include best practice methods currently in use by the Commission and can be used as a guide for developing the specific requirements of election rules for individual organisations.

The overall functionality of elections is dependent on specific election rules and, to this end, the Commission is willing to work with organisations to review and establish individual election rules that result in fair and proper elections.

Current Election

Elections are currently being conducted for the following Union and Other Elections:

CBH Group
MDA National
University of Western Australia Academic Staff Association
UWA - Convocation of UWA Graduates

all other past elections >>

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